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We believe in innovation, as evidenced by our team members who love to question, learn, and try new things. With project management tools like Jira and Asana, make sure to utilize user stories, feasible deadlines, epic structures and ticket prioritization. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks.

Software Consulting Services

A good provider will have the right processes in place to keep engineers happy, and if they’re not happy, you won’t be happy either. We believe in working in close collaboration with our clients’ software successfully outsource software development teams, offering greater flexibility, agility and innovation. Our engineers contribute to software  development with modern technologies including microservices, Go, React, NodeJS and Typescript.

Team Augmentation

We set up a new entity in Croatia, and we continue to spread our reach across new countries. Today, we are 280+ team members strong, with 60+ clients across a vast array of industries. We take responsibility and care for each project like it’s our own.

building great software products

  1. With additional software developers working remotely across different parts of Spain, we have a wide-cast network of talented, and senior professionals.
  2. Get the most out of your software team, and maximise technology ROI.
  3. We work with you on defining an outsourcing strategy that will best fit your future needs – from an architecture, infrastructure and process point of view.
  4. Current state of nearshore software development in the post-COVID and AI era.

Yes, we ensure you have the final say on who joins your team. All engineers, who are sent to you pass our rigorous recruitment process and are approved by our own technical team. We have 60+ teams working with different technologies, who have seen it all. When facing a technical challenge or an important decision, you can tap into the know-how of the larger Zartis developer community. Long-term nearshoring services, with a focus on React and .NET development.

It’s probably not a coincidence that, according to Whitelane Research conducted last year, 63pc of UK organisations planned to outsource at the same rate or more in the next two years. Discover the potential of artificial intelligence and integrate cutting-edge AI solutions into your workflows. Our AI experts can help you improve performance across every department of your business.

A successful innovation management process is vital for long-term growth. All of our engineers go through a rigorous recruitment process to ensure we hire the right people with a mindset to uphold security. We grew our team to 250+ engineers across 50+ clients, and expanded operations to Portugal and the Czech Republic. Get the most out of your software team, and maximise technology ROI. Your outsourcer should buy into performance reviews and recurrent meetings to align on deliverables and expectations.

As much as it may sound like a cop-out to say so, there’s no right answer to how you do it. That preference will be informed by your budget, geographic location, working methods, company size and culture. If you ask the right questions, you might just find the team that lets you scale up innovation and get the blood flowing through your organisation. Choosing a location and an outsourcing provider, Ins and Outs of the selection process, and important questions to ask.

Our engineers bring exptensive fullstack expertise to the client’s in-house team. I find that the notion that outsourcing involves significant cultural and communication hurdles is outdated. Imagine a neighbor who shares your time zone and cultural similarities—that’s what nearshoring can offer to U.S. clients. We’ve not even discussed the types of contracts you can enter. But hopefully, this little guide serves as a crash course on the most important fundamentals you need to get right before you hand your IT work off to an external team.

I wish there was an equation that you could plug variables into and figure out the right way. Current state of nearshore software development in the post-COVID and AI era. Utilise nearshoring for efficient and innovative outsourcing. Choosing modern web apps can keep you from falling behind on technology and innovation management. Avoid the problems that come with maintaining legacy systems, including incompatibilities with upgrades and becoming more vulnerable to bugs and cyberattacks.

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